Updated: 18 Nov 2011



The Ateneo Latin Mass Society is an organization devoted to the promotion of the Latin Mass in Ordinary and Extraordinary Forms in Ateneo de Manila University and in other Ateneo schools in the Philippines. The group is open not only to all members of the Ateneo schools in the Philippines—faculty, staff, professionals, students, alumni—but also to all who share the Ignatian spirituality.


The Ateneo Latin Mass Society is characterized by obedience—obedience to the Catholic Church hierarchy and obedience to liturgical norms. The ALMS’s rule of conduct is governed by St. Ignatius’s Rules for Thinking, Judging, and Feeling with the Church. The ALMS vision of the world is defined by the Spiritual Exercises.


The Ateneo Latin Mass Society envisions the day when the Solemn High Mass is celebrated everyday in all Ateneo schools, with a Jesuit as the priest celebrant, and the Jesuit novices as sacristans and choir. This mass shall set the standard of excellence of other masses, not only in all Ateneo schools, but in all schools and parishes in the Philippines, as well.


To realize this vision, the Ateneo Latin Mass Society shall do the following:

  1. Support Jesuit priests learn how to celebrate the Latin Mass.
  2. Help Jesuit novices learn how to celebrate and or serve in the Latin Mass
  3. Form a schola who shall set the standard for singing Gregorian chants
  4. Train altar servers who can be readily appointed as Masters of Liturgical Ceremonies
  5. Establish an Institute for Latin Studies in Ateneo de Manila University
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